Nephological Semantics

Using token-based vector space models for large-scale analyses of lexical variation and change

1/Oct/2021 5:00 PM UTC

On October 1st, 2021, Karlien Franco and I gave a (long) talk about the Nephological Semantics project: Cognitive Sociolinguistics, Distributional Semantics and some case studies. It was a wonderful experience made possible by Nuria Gómez Belart, Araceli Alemán and the rest of the organizing committee of the II Jornadas de Lingüística y Gramática Española at the USAL (Buenos Aires, Argentina).

You can watch the full presentation here!

The talk was also simultaneously interpreted to Spanish by Pilar Petrone and Valeria Dorrego; you can watch that video here. As you can see, all slides (available above) are bilingual.

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