Making of glossr

This is not a post about how to create an R package, or even about why you might want to. I want to tell you my experience creating glossr: what I had when I came in and what I learned along the way.

A project from scratch

Sometimes you find cool tools to improve your R experience but the documentation is challenging, assuming knowledge you don't have, previous steps you didn't take, a confidence that hides beyond the moving horizon. Hopefully, with this very long post you can create a solid sequence of steps to set up self-contained, reproducibe R projects and release you from about 40% of your daily dosis of anxiety.

Writing functions

My long and winding journey from not wanting to write functions to using them everywhere in increasingly complex solutions.

Academic writing in R Markdown I

Why am I using R Markdown for academic writing and why would you want to? First part of at two-parts post on Academic Writing with R Markdown

Code switching with programming languages

On learning programming and getting the languages mixed.

Writing in R

Why I like R Markdown and want to share it